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DCA Computer Training Institute for basic computing knowledge for all types of students who have passed 10th or 12th. This course is designed for all students to learn how to operate computer with Microsoft operating system configurations, MS Office Training.


DCA Computer Training Institute for basic computing knowledge for all types of students who have passed 10th or 12th. This course is designed for all students to learn how to operate computer with Microsoft operating system configurations, MS Office Training.

GenCor is registered in Ministry of Corporate affairs, Government of India as an Education providing Training Institute. After successful completion of your course you are awarded with a recognized DCA certificate.

Gencor is an ISO certified Training Institute which is issued for excellency in management and quality.

DCA stands for Diploma in Computer application. This Course/training is suited for a person who want to have knowledge of how Computer is operated, use of INTERNET, know to work on MS Office, MS Excel, MS Power Point and typing Practice as well as.


Course Information

About DCA:

Computers have been around for thousands of years. One of the earliest computers was the abacus, a series of beads arranged on metal rods. Beads could be slid back and forth to operate on numbers. It was used to perform mathematical calculations.

Today’s world is an information-rich world and it has become a necessity for everyone to know about computers.

To become acquainted with your computer there are certain basic skills to be mastered. Once you have understood these basics, you will have a clear understanding on which to build your future knowledge of and skill with computers.

At GenCor, we’ll show you some of the most important things you need to know about computers, including how to set up your computer, how to interact with the desktop and operating system, and what kinds of computers are available. we’ll also introduce you to some basic troubleshooting strategies you can use if your computer isn’t working correctly.

Advantages of computers in today’s world:

– It is capable of performing calculation of very large amount of data.
– It can perform millions of calculations in a few seconds as compared to man who will spend many months for doing the same task.
– In addition to being very fast, computers are very accurate.
– Computers perform all jobs with 100% accuracy provided that correct input has been given.
– It can store large amount and any type of data such as images, videos, text and audio.
– It can do repeated work with same speed and accuracy.

…….and many more……..

This course is for users with little or no prior knowledge of computers. This course is designed around today’s business environment. Our approach is simple yet effective, and our belief lies in giving students more than just the basics, but instead molds them into employable candidates. It is academic in nature, yet provides practical preparation for individuals in business and management.

The objective of our course is to impart basic level computer appreciation programme with more emphasis on hands on training. Initially, the course was conceived as to boost the concept of introducing a course on computer fundamentals. However, the course has gained popularity amongst many more categories. The programme can equip a person to use the computers in day-to-day life for professional and personal use. After completing the course the incumbent will be computer literate and will be able to:

– Acquire confidence in using computer techniques available to users
– Recognize the basic components of computers and terminology
– Understand data, information and file management
– Create documents using Word processor, Spreadsheet & Presentation Software
– Understand computer networks, Internet
– Browse the internet, content search, email and collaborate with peers
– Use e-Governance applications
– Use computer to improve existing skills and learn new skills

DCA Course Syllabus

DCA: Diploma in computer Applications

Duration: 3 Months/6 Months/120 Hours

Basic of Computers

  1. Introduction to Computers – Computer Fundamental
  2. Computer Typing – English
  3. Operating System


  1. Internet and its uses
  2. E-mail
  3. Google Products – Google drive, Google search, Mail, calendar, YouTube etc
  4. Social Sites

MS Office

  1. MS Word
  2. MS Excel
  3.  MS PowerPoint

What after this Course of DCA

After DCA Course

Information Technology has been a major area of innovation in recent years. This is due to the growth of computers and computer aided systems of information processing and retrieval. The impact of these developments on business management is reflected in growing demand for computer professionals with a sound understanding of basic computer applications in business covering key programming languages, database management, systems analysis, computer software development in specific applications such as studies, financial management and long range planning. The course bridges the gap between theory and practice, knowledge and applications and helps the student to keep abreast of recent developments in Computer Applications. It also provides students the basics of computers and makes students proficient in Operating Systems, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Access Database and Internet Operations.

This Diploma teaches young people about the Information Technology. The employer-endorsed content is up-to-date and relevant, reflecting the blend of business, technical, interpersonal and project skills needed by someone who is thinking about a career in the industry.

After DCA (Diploma in Computer Application) you can apply for Computer Operator in various companies. If you are interested in Computer Science field, then you canto continue your studies in B.Sc Computer Science, Bachelor of Computer (BCA), B.Tech Computer Science etc. You can also find jobs in the field of:

Software design & engineering
– Graphic design and animation
– Web/ e-commerce development
– Networking andInter networking
– Database Development & Administration
– Programming – Development tools, languages
– Technical writing




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I am happy to be here in Gencor which provided me with technical professional and skillful aspects of auto cad, thank you.

Kush Prakash - West Bengal University of Technology

I completed CCNA traning and certification preparation before appearing for ccna global examination 200-120 from gencor.

Amit Kumar - Lovely Professional University

The trainer has good knowledge of the subject.

Saurabh Kumar Suman - Shaheed Bhagat Singh State Technical Campus, Ferozepur

This institute is the best institute in web designing. Trainer sir is good in knowledge and best trained and  provided web designing knowledge to me.

Abhishek Kumar - Guru Gobind Singh Polytechnic College, Talwandi Sabo, (Bhathinda) Punjab

The trainer is good, so I think everything is good.

Rabindra Kumar Yadav - Samalkha Group of Institutions

The Gencor classes is good for getting the knowledge. The trainer has good communication with students. I completed CAD training in Mechanical from here.

Akash Kumar - Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad

I gained a lot here in the Gencor and I believe that it will help to enhance my knowledge and personalty further in my life.

Prem Kumar - BIT Sindri

Institute Completed my training as per  Syllabus provided on time.

Akshay Kumar - The Institution of Civil Engineers, Delhi

Gencor institute is the best institute which completed my course on Civil CAD on time.

Amit Kumar - Reg No - 001/15348 - Civil CAD

The overall system of teaching is favorable and good as I expected and helped a lot in increasing my knowledge.

Sunny Kumar

I appreciate the course by the institute and efforts put in to complete it within the prescribed time limits.

Mohammad Asad Eqbal

The trainer has good knowledge of autocad, so I am happy to complete the training of AutoCAD from here.

Hemant Raj - Reg No.: 001/15307 - Civil CAD

The Trainer is nice one. He teaches well. The institute is good. I have faith on the Institute.

Vikash Kr Mandal - Reg No.: 001/15308 - Mechanical CAD

The institute is very good one and object oriented, focused on setting  up career for engineering students. The trainer is having enough knowledge to guide students.Teaching method is very much appreciated and interactive.

Indranil Mazumdar - Reg No.: 001/15312 - Civil CAD

All class I did here was very good. Faculty provide every detail about syllabus & Course. I am thankful of you.

Sumank Saurav - Reg No.: 001/15321 - Mechanical CAD

Trainer is the best guide for autocad and institute is also best for autocad

Vikash Kumar Sharma - Reg No.: 001/15322 - Mechanical CAD

This is professional institute , It has given the full knowledge of the subject, It is best best providing knowledge.

Dinu Kumar - Reg No.: 001/15328 - AutoCAD ME

This institute given me knowledge about Autocad and I appreciate that . I must recommend other to learn CAD from here.

Abhishek Kr Singh (Reg No . 001/15332)

I am Gracy Pradhan , completed my  Linux training on RHCE from GenCor. Training is fully practical based and full syllabus coverage prescribed RED Hat Inc. . This training is surely going to provide me help in placement by college.

Gracy Pradhan - Ram Krishna Dharmarth Foundation University

I completed my Autocad Civil Training with Project and certification from GenCor InfoEdge – India, Trainer is The best in providing training .

Sonu Kumar

Best Training for telecommunication on Cisco CCNA. I got placed in 3i infotech Patna.

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